June 12, 2014


It will not be enough. Nothing will ever be enough. But it will be something.

Jeffrey Zeldman from “The Color Purple

I’ve been following Eric’s posts throughout Rebecca’s illness, and they have been the most heartbreaking words I’ve ever read:

All the light bulbs of discovery that will never switch on, all the radiant smiles of pride that will never burst forth, all the moments of insight that will never unfold, all the experiences she’ll never enjoy. I feel the weight of all the years she will never have, and they may yet crush me.

Eric Meyer from “So Many Nevers

They’ve also been some of the most beautiful. The love that his little girl had in her time here is amazing, and Eric’s words left me in tears more than once.

Source: http://www.zeldman.com/2014/06/10/the-color-purple/