October 06, 2010

Life and the art of relaxating

So when last we spoke, I was making noises about private methods in Objective-C - I’ll get back to the regularly scheduled nerdery and instructional coding shortly, but I wanted to post a little bit about things that have happened over the last few months.


For the better part of this year, I’ve been dealing with some completely non-double-rainbow health problems (oh, I went there). It’s not over yet, but I’m on the mend and hopefully this is the end of it for a while. This has taken a large toll on my ability to work on my own apps, while continuing to pay the bills by working on other people’s apps - this is why Hyperspaces 1.1 isn’t out yet. I’m on Doctor’s orders to take it slowly for a while - I spent this morning sitting in the sun for the first time in what seems like years. Why didn’t I make more time for this before? Sunshine most definitely is double rainbow!

It’s necessary for me to thank my little family now, with the most awesome photo of Leah and Scout ever:

Leah and Scout playing

The New Car

Excitingly, I recently came into possession of a fairly recent model Mazda 6 which I love to bits. Not because it’s a nice car to drive (it is), or because I think it’s a handsome devil (yes, again) but because for the last 13 years I have struggled with the inability to put anything of real size into my car. The Lancer has been a noble steed, but it was well past time for me to upgrade to a so-called “grown up” car:

The 'Grown Up Car' being all shiny

It was dutifully christened with a trip to Ikea where Leah and I struggled to fill even the remotest part of the space in the back. Despite the loss of sanity from actually entering Ikea on a weekend, I grinned for most of the trip home, and have washed the new car far too much since we bought it.

Web Directions

Next week, Web Directions South 2010 is on and I’m going to be there as a free agent for the first time. I’ve armed myself with the essential dump’n’burn personal marketing tool - some very stylish new business cards put together by none other than my own Leah:

New CocoaBots business cards

I’m super excited to see what Maxine and John have in store for us this year - the calibre of last year’s sessions was impressive, and I met some fantastic people. If you’re going to be there and want to say ‘Hi!’ or have a drink, message me on the Twitters.