May 11, 2008

How late I am…

Hyperspaces Public Beta 1 — 41 days overdue

This just demonstrates how much your planning ends up meaning when you have a full-time job in addition to developing an application. I started earnestly developing Hyperspaces just under 6 months ago now (17th December, 2007 is the date of the first subversion commit). I’d been toying with the idea of a version of VirtueDesktops that wasn’t an insane hack, but instead worked with Apple’s implementation of virtual desktops for a few months prior. Until that week, I wasn’t sure it would be possible to gather enough information or interact with Spaces in a way that would even let me achieve what I wanted to.

Is the development vs. full-time job dilemma common among other small developers? Long term, I’d love to be able to develop great mac applications full-time, but it seems to be a catch-22 situation.