March 08, 2008

Aluminium MacBooks can’t jump

I know a few of you are anxiously awaiting a public release of Hyperspaces. Unfortunately, there’s not going to be a public release for a few weeks yet. I know - I said early March, but my MacBook Pro tried to master the finer points of flying a few weeks ago, and it’s interesting how badly those shiny silver beasts stand up to a small drop. I’ve just got my replacement this past week, and I’ve only just got all my development tools and settings right back where I want them.

Oh, and I’ve also been cleaning up and painting our kitchen - but that’s another story with photos to come. In any case, the Hyperspaces icon is done (and I’ll be showing it off shortly!), the feature set is being locked down, and my list of pre-beta tasks is down to 14 items - some of them quite small, some of them larger (“Watch for fsevent changes to the Dock’s plist file to trigger changes in the enabled state of Spaces” for instance). Almost there people - I hope you guys love it as much as I hope you will! I’ll post when there’s more, but I’m hoping to put up a feature preview on in the next week - I just need to get some of the finer points of the user interface locked down!