March 11, 2007

Moving on to other things

I’ve also posted this over at the official VirtueDesktops project site.

I’ve been sitting on a fairly big decision (for me) for the last few weeks. The writing has been on the wall for VirtueDesktops since last year’s WWDC, but I had intended to release a nice, stable version for 10.4 users before I stopped work on the project.

I’ve decided not to finish that version -

Needless to say, it wasn’t easy to make this call - I’ve loved working on Virtue, and I think it has some features that Spaces won’t match. The sad fact is, that since June last year, it has all been effort poured into a product that has no future.

Update: Wow! I hadn’t realised just how much this little app meant to people! Thankyou all for your kind e-mails, IMs and posts of thanks - I appreciate it.