August 08, 2006

VirtueDesktops and Apple Spaces

OK, I guess I should blog about this, because I’ve got people hammering me about Apple’s Spaces from all sides (I love the attention - keep it coming!).

I think it’s a great thing. VirtueDesktops, and all of the other virtual desktop/screen managers on the Mac have been little more than complicated hacks, forcing your machine to emulate what most UNIX machines do out of the box - which isn’t a bad thing per se, but I have yet to see an implementation that felt integrated.

“What about the future of VirtueDesktops?”, you ask? Well… I don’t know yet. I imagine that I could add features to Apple’s implementation, hanging off whatever they are doing, but to be honest it seems like a brilliant implementation to me. And I guess there’s 10.4 support for another year or so, but to be honest, the stuff they showed us about Xcode 3 today blew me away. No-one in their right mind will keep developing in Xcode 2 once version 3 is out (yes, it is that good!).

Oh, I also went along to the SciFiHiFi Weblogger’s party for a couple of hours tonight (I imagine it’s still kicking, because Lord Will of the Shipley had just grooved through the door 5 minutes before I chose to leave). My impressions - the Tamale Lady rocks, and Jason Harris has to be the smiliest dude this side of Ronald MacDonald himself. Here’s hoping I am a little less soft for the next party (I think there’s a WebKit party on tomorrow night). WWDC rocks hard guys – if you can afford it and are interested in development, definitely come along next year - this looks like it’s shaping up to be plenty of fun, and we haven’t even got to the technical sessions yet! If you’re a student studying at an Australian university, find out if your uni is part of the Apple University Consortium - they’ve sponsored my trip this year and I am absolutely grateful!