August 07, 2006

Flights of “oh my poor, poor legs”

So I’m safely in my hotel room in San Francisco now - beaten, bruised and so, so tired. United Airlines, your cattle-class seats are a divine form of torture, and I salute the sick genius who designed them!

SF seems nice - when I was a kid, I always imagined that when I went to another country, the sky would be a different colour, or the air would taste different - Vietnam held up it’s end of the bargain on the air when I was there this year - but SF seems like Sydney with wider streets and everybody going in the wrong direction. I’m told the water is not so good for me - so I’ll have to hunt down some bottled stuff later on. Oh, but it’s 25ºC here, and for some reason the hotel thinks that it’s appropriate to have the fire going - WTF indeed.

I’m too ruined to be excited about WWDC yet, but that should hit tomorrow night at some point (or maybe my excitement gland is broken?) - either way, it appears not everyone is as keen as I am to break their machines with Leopard when (if?) we get the installer discs.

I’d show you pictures of the room and how fantastic I look when I’m tired, but I forgot the cable for the camera. Anyhow, I’m going to go rest before dinner - lots of sightseeing to do tomorrow! If you’re here and want to have a drink, send me an email, or iChat me.