May 26, 2006

Captain’s log, stardate 59866.7

Hey guys, long time no blog. Just a quick note to say that if you’ve sent me an e-mail regarding VirtueDesktops and haven’t received a response, it’s not because I don’t value your feedback, time and input - it’s just that I simply don’t have time to answer every single e-mail in a reasonable time-frame. I’ve managed to work my personal e-mail inbox back down to a scary 91 real, I-need-to-reply-to-this messages. I’m getting there, but I would like to say that if your issue is important, do a quick search over at VirtueTrac, and if you can’t find your issue, file a new ticket. Trac is the best thing to happen to managing subversion projects ever - it has no equal (in my humble opinion!).

In other news, yes, I will be adding “SmackBook” functionality to VirtueDesktops over the weekend, because it’s cool - but I’ll be very clear that I make no guarantee that continuously slapping your laptop won’t eventually break something! Keep that in mind kids - that’s at least $1K of laptop you’re carelessly bashing there.

I’ve also put in for a competitive scholarship to WWDC this year, so keep your fingers crossed and drop me a line if you’re going.

Oh, and as much as I love Ruby, Rails and Typo, Typo can indeed be a colossal pain in the arse to keep running (your mileage may vary if you’re not an subversion trunk-ho like me). I’ve sorted out most of the problems (aside from the fact that my blog design isn’t what I want) for now.