March 15, 2006

Virtue’s sourceforge presence

OK, the “Abandoned Project Takeover” (APT) has been approved at, and I’m now co-admin of the Virtue Desktops project there with Thomas (playback). I’ve sent an e-mail to Thomas wanting his final blessing to go ahead with the update and takeover, but Mr. Staller has been incommunicado for a while now so I think we’ll just power ahead.

Here’s where I start to need help. Virtue deserves a community - you guys are that community. I don’t have the time to maintain the community and to continue developing Virtue - my full-time job takes up too much of my energy. Wanna help? I want your help.

Here’s what I need: people who are willing to help me update the site, help me move the appcast there and begin sifting through the bug reports and feature requests. It’s not glamorous work, but it needs doing.

And before you ask, yes, I do want development help, but I would like to start up the mailing lists again to discuss architecture again first - all of the good OSS projects I know of have strong (dictatorial) leadership - I’m going to follow suit for the moment.

Update: After all that effort, Sourceforge’s services were sub-par in certain areas. The VirtueDesktops project has moved to new hosting at cocoaforge, which is graciously provided by imajes.