December 14, 2005

Ruby on Rails 1.0 Installer for Mac OS X ‘Tiger’


Given the age of this package, I’ve decided to take it down. I cannot support a package for an operating system and processor architecture that I no longer run. Under Mac OS X 10.5 and later, Ruby on Rails is included in the default install.

Ruby on Rails logo

Ruby on Rails has reached version 1.0 – Congratulations to all of the team!

Without further ado, here is an updated version of the Ruby on Rails installer package I maintain. I will be receiving assistance with hosting this package, so please do use the mirrors as they become available and try to take it easy on my server in the meantime. I would encourage people to send this file to their friends via iChat, FTP, e-mail - basically whatever works for you - let’s get this out there and get people riding the rails!

This package requires Mac OS X “Tiger” (10.4), and is only compiled for PowerPC at this point. An Intel version will be available early next year.